February 16, 2022

Components of Internet and Their Functions

Components of Internet

The fascinating technology of the Internet has become a necessity in our daily lives. But, the process of how the internet works is somewhat complicated. For every bit of information that you access using the internet, there takes place a wide array of functions and minute transmission of data. All of these minute functions are carried out by allocated devices which are commonly referred to as the components of internet.

The history of the internet is crucial to understanding what it represents in the present day. Without the internet, the world would not have developed at a rapid pace. When the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, the whole world shut down. Gradually, using the internet, organizations were able to convey new information, guidelines, and changes in agenda to the people of the world. Without the presence of the internet, it would have been impossible to restore the functioning of the world.

The good news is that users do not need to know the process end-to-end in order to use it. But for the ones who are curious about the process, read along to find out how exhilarating the Internet is!

What are the basic components of Internet?

What are the basic components of the Internet?

There are three basic components of the internet. Firstly, the client – which is the computer that connects with a remote computer or server to request information. Secondly , the server – which is the computer that provides service or shares resources to the client. The third main component of the internet is – protocol. Protocols are a set of functions that need to be followed in order to fetch the desired data. These internet components that enable us to surf web pages, consume multimedia, transfer credit and so on within minutes. 

1. Client


The data interaction primarily occurs between the client and the server. The client requests data from the server. The client and server may be situated very far from each other but are linked via a network.

2. Server


The main job of a server is to respond to the request of the client. The device or programme is set up in the way that they provide the appropriate information to the client. This functionality of client and server works on a model called – call and response

The server performs several tasks in order to deliver the right information for each request. From investigating the client’s permission of data access to formatting numerous responses in order to fetch the most accurate information, the server performs so many functions within seconds. 

For instance, Apache web server responds to Internet browser requests via an additional application, Apache, installed in an operating system.

3. Protocols


The protocols are crucial elements of the internet.

In the language of networking, protocols can be defined as a set of rules that guide data transmission between computing devices. These rules make sure that the data request is sent and received by the client without any problem. The most important internet protocols are – Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP).

Every single commuting device has its own unique IP address. These unique addresses make it easier for computers to recognize each other. The TCP/IP protocols make the data request and receiving possible between two computers via server.

In today’s world, use of the internet has become easier and faster than ever before. The Internet represents the preferred means of communication, business and appointments among several other things these days. 

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