Next-gen Firewall as a service

This service allows organizations to achieve network transparency, reduce vulnerabilities and conserve network performance. Our SOC team monitors and manages the threats that exist on infrastructure application via application identification, application control and provide the best threat prevention with a Next Generation Firewall.

DNS Security

Maximum threats come through the URLs and malicious links. Our Domain Name System Security Extensions technology protects information on the Domain Name System (DNS) used on IP networks providing authentication to the origin of the DNS data and safeguards against attacks thus protecting data integrity. 

DDOS as a service

We provide high end solution to protect our customers from volumetric DDoS attacks. Our service fits the needs of MSPs and ISPs looking to broaden the service portfolio with DDoS protection.


SASE focuses on providing cloud- native security tools and has cloud at the center of the network. SD-WAN technology is focused on connecting offices to a central headquarters and data center or can connect users directly to the cloud.

Network Access Management

We enable effective network access management and control that restricts access to only authorized devices compliant with security policies, thus assuring the required security patches and anti-intrusion software.

Privileged Identity Management

Privileged Identity Management (PIM) is a service that enables you to manage, control and monitor access to important resources in your organization.