Backup as a Service is an automated data backup system that an enterprise can avail from a provider on a subscription basis. It is a pre-programmed and customizable backup and recovery service where you do not require to backup your enterprise data manually. 

Once the setup is done, you do not need to make any effort. The service is automated, and no supervising IT team dedicated to overseeing the service is also not required. BaaS makes backing up data simple and hassle-free. The backup data is stored over the cloud and in multiple servers distributed at different locations within the country. The backup data is also encrypted, ensuring extra security. With BaaS, the recovery process is simplified, and even non-IT candidates can get it done. All you need is an internet connection, and BaaS will do the rest. All these qualities make BaaS the safest and quickest method of data backup for enterprises.

Why do Businesses need BaaS (Backup as a service)?

Data is the enterprise’s prized possession. Unfortunately, a study found that around 60% of the companies that lose their data eventually shut down within 6 months. And a SaaS platform cannot guarantee a secure and fast backup or restoration. Without proper security, your enterprise can lose data due to hacking, phishing, or other cyber attacks. Such adversity can be easily avoided by subscribing to a reliable BaaS service provider. 

In case of a cyber-attack, data breach, or similar disasters the recovery service will enable you to restore your critical information in a short time period. All the other contemporaries of BaaS are either manually operated or demand physical drives, which makes it an extra burden for the enterprise. Since BaaS involves cloud backup services, there is no involvement of on-premises storage devices.

Why should Zajil be your BaaS provider?

Zajil has been the most prominent backup as a service provider in the Kuwait and MENA region for several years.

  • Our BaaS includes Private or Public Cloud-based onsite or offsite data backup services.
  • Our backup service utilizes industry-leading data protection management software that automates data protection across backup and replication systems.
  • Our data backup service ensures the integrity of your data by taking a consistent copy in our data center within the country and  outside the country ensuring the security and reliability of your data.
  • Using cloud-based data protection solutions, Zajil can help you reduce your operating expenses, capital expense requirements, and thus the total cost of ownership.
  • Our cloud-based data backup service can also reduce costs related to creating, managing, and off-site shipping backup tapes. 
  • Our backup service features more predictable monthly operating expenses and reduced up-front capital expense requirements for software and hardware infrastructure.

Subscribe to Zajil’s BaaS to enjoy uninterrupted premium backup facilities. For more information and query, reach us at

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