Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform. It also provides analytics, networking and storage services. Subscribers can select among these services in order to develop new applications or execute existing ones in the cloud. Microsoft charges for Azure services on a pay-as-you-go basis, where subscribers receive a bill each month.

It is compatible with open source technologies and supports all industries like finance and e-commerce. Microsoft Azure services are circulated via 42 data centers around the globe, which is the highest for any cloud platform at present.

Primarily, Microsoft Azure cloud services offers 4 forms of cloud computing.

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (Paas)
  • Software as a service (SaaS) and,
  • Serveless.

The Advantages Of Using Microsoft Azure Services

1. Enhance Back-up and Disaster Recovery:

Microsoft Azure is equipped with advanced website recovery. It can backup data in any language and on any operating system. You can customize the frequency and limit of backup according to your need.

It is so flexible that its back-up services can enhance your tape back-up with off-site replication, low on-site maintenance and up-to an exceptional 99 years of data retention. 

Your back-ups are made into 3 separate copies which are then stored into 3 unique locations in the data center. Also, in a remote Azure data center, 3 more copies are stored, ensuring absolute safety and retention of your data.

Azure also offers a built-in integration for additional back-up in case you are working in a Windows virtual environment. It can also integrate with System Center and HyperV architectures with seamless connectivity.

2. Host and Develop Applications:

Azure offers a platform for hosting and developing applications. It can make the applications autonomous while making them adaptive with patch management along with integration for on-premises applications. Other features are also available including AutoScale.

With AutoScale you can adjust the resources based on consumer web traffic. You will have the resources you need when the traffic is high and save costs when there is less traffic.

Azure enables you to spend less hours on managing your infrastructure with Automatic patch management.. This allows you to focus on your application development more efficiently.

You can link your web application to an on-premises application. Connecting the applications in both sites allows employees and partners to access the resources securely in your firewall – which is a hassle to access externally.

3. Improved Active Directory:

Azure can integrate with your Active Directory to assist your identification and access abilities. This enables global reach for your DNS with centralized management and security.

It also enables you to distribute a direct-connect enabled Active Directory environment globally. This capability is limited to Azure since no other cloud service providers can extend the reach of your domain controllers like this.

Active Directory with Azure will pose a  centralized management tool in case you are using on-premises or cloud applications on multiple locations.

Azure also enables you to utilize multi-factor authentication, adding a new layer of security to your data and applications with zero hassle for your users. You can also easily implement single sign-on for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS cloud apps.

4. Upgrade your Industry Solutions:

Microsoft Azure services include a hub which allows you to monitor several devices and gain insights to help you make plausible decisions, increase rate of development, improve customer experience and lower costs. With improved security, Azure poses a big asset for IoT solutions which are known to have security issues anyway.

Why Choose Zajil as Your Microsoft Azure Partner

Zajil is the most prominent Azure partner in Kuwait and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With over 30 years of providing connectivity and communication facilities we have gained the trust of the people with our services.

Our Microsoft Azure services with help your business:

  • Increase development 
  • Cut excessive expenses
  • Provide efficient data security.
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