• AVPN

    KEMS Zajil’s AVPN solution has been designed in order to give the opportunity to all business companies, and mainly targeting SMEs and small remote sites, to build their own intranet.

  • Business Fiber

    Internet is the cornerstone of any business venture, and every organization needs fast and reliable Internet connectivity. KEMS Zajil aims to provide your business with advanced Internet connectivity that is flexible, seamless, and scalable to meet your growing digital demands.


    KEMS Zajil’s Managed DIA ooffers a state-of-the-art network security layer over the Dedicated internet line which provides superior reliability. This is a fully managed service by to ensure that your business is fully secured on the internet.


    Secure, reliable, high speed data connectivity is critical for your business growth. Organizations with multiple branches need a dependable and stable network to run their applications and services smoothly.


    KEMS Zajil’s IPLC is designed to provide a point-to-point connectivity for your business with a way to expand your private network across countries and offer a secure, reliable international connection that is ideal for your organization’s connectivity requirements.

  • Global MPLS

    To address the multi-point connectivity needs in the global economy, where connecting geographically dispersed offices, resources and stakeholders is critical, Zajil has the capability to deliver international connectivity for our high-speed data customers with Global MPLS Services.

how we work

How we work

Our no-nonsense, efficient, and straightforward approach is balanced by a friendly and relaxed way of working that appeals to colleagues and clients alike.