June 30, 2022

Fiber Internet vs 4G/5G- What’s the difference and Which is better?

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet utilises fiber optic instead of copper wires. However, fiber broadband differs from the internet provided through copper wire connection. It primarily includes transmitting data using light rather than electricity, making it the most preferred option.

Fiber broadband internet has unlimited bandwidth and is more reliable and well-preferred for ensuring an uninterrupted connection.


What is 4G/5G internet?

The world has come a long way in matters of internet connectivity and the evolution of cellular networks. From 2G, we are in the 5th generation. 5G is the successor of the 4G LTE. A 5G internet service delivers a multi Gbps data speed, has low latency and provides a consistent experience to users globally.

In short, the fifth generation (5G) internet assists in the quick upload and download of data up to 20 times the speed of 4G LTE. The improved speed enables users to download HD movies instantly without trouble.


Difference Between Fiber Internet and 4G/5G services

Fiber Internet vs 4G/5G- What’s the difference?  Fiber Internet and 5G services are still in the nascent development phase. After the 4G evolution, we are now stepping into the fifth generation of internet and network connectivity. We are the core of technology evolution with the introduction of 5G and Fiber internet. Both the services provide faster communication and data transmission without the hassle of waiting hours for a page to load, upload or download.

There are numerous things to explore regarding fiber internet and 4G/5G services. These services have many things to expound on, from speed, connectivity, costs, and reliability. As an ardent internet user, we provide a detailed insight into the services and their impact.

Let us run through each aspect of the difference between Fiber Internet and 5G internet

Difference between Fiber Internet vs 4G/5G



5G earns brownie points over fiber internet in matters of safety. It follows the aspect of end-to-end encryption, enabling complete protection of data. Fiber internet, on the other hand, is wired. Thus, it does not majorly rely on radio waves, making the data less encrypted.

Thus, both services provide security to user data, however, 5G connection is considered more secure considering its reliance on radio waves compared to wired transmission.



Fiber internet utilises glass cables for transmitting data. On the other hand, fiber cables can handle multiple wear and tear. However, that does not make it immune to any damage. Herein, damage to fiber internet would require an interruption to the network requiring repair.

A 5G internet is known for its durability, allowing connectivity across multiple cell towers using radio waves. Thus, there is less likelihood of an outage affecting the entire network due to a thunderstorm taking down a single building.



Fiber internet can cost a huge amount for companies to install. However, it is cheaper for customers to access. On the other hand, 5G technology is more affordable for distribution but expensive to access. In short, 5G is better accessible to implement, while the cost might be a pinch for individual users.


Ease of setting up

As 5G is wireless, it does not require any cables to be installed. It aligns with the process of signing up for a new mobile plan. The process is relatively ha free, and includes:

  • Verifying your eligibility to get a 5G internet connection from your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Pay for the equipment to be installed outside your apartment
  • Complete the paperwork and sign a contract before you begin using the network

Fiber internet connections are cumbersome to set up. You herein require a fiber cable installed from your home to the junction box till the modem is in your place. After the fiber cables are connected, you can use the WiFi or ethernet cable.



Latency is the time taken for data to get transmitted from one point to another in milliseconds. Low latency faster will be the transfer of data. Fiber internet has a latency rate of one millisecond. It makes it ideal for performing activities that require precise communication.

On the other hand, 5G has a latency rate of four milliseconds. It makes it perfect for completing activities like streaming videos, browsing the internet or using cloud-based applications. However, it is not preferred for trading (stock exchange) or gaming.



 5G has a speed of 20 Gbps downlink and 10Gbps uplink. Whereas the speed of Fiber cable is 1 petabit/ second and a practical speed of 100 Gbps.


5G has a reach of up to 100 meters. On the other hand, signals over the fiber can ideally travel over 70 kilometers without losing any signal in between. That makes 5G faster when compared to Fiber.  


Is there any Advantage of Fiber internet over 4G/5G internet?

5G connection utilizes radio waves for transmitting information. On the other hand, fiber optic receives and sends data through fiber cables. Comparing the other parameters, the download and upload speed of 5G is 20 Gbps, while fiber cables have a speed of 100 Gbps.

Now let us look at the drawbacks of 5G and Fiber. 

5G is its limited reach encircling the expanse of the network station. In case of fiber the signal reach is 70 kilometers, while 5G is 100 meters. In addition, 5G networks cannot penetrate any obstacles such as trees or buildings. Hence for this reason 5G nano-masts are connected with the internet backbone of the fiber.

Both internet including 5G and fiber have their pros and cons whether it is costing, installation, reach or speed. Thus, a detailed analysis is recommended for choosing services that suit your needs.



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