Zajil’s Internet Access service provides highly resilient public Internet connectivity to customers across Kuwait. Zajil provides high capacity, low latency Internet connectivity to its customers via its own fully resilient Internet backbone network. Zajil connects to, and takes full Internet routing tables from multiple Tier 1 ISP backbones, in multiple locations. In addition, Zajil has local peering at various Internet Exchanges across the globe. All of Zajil’s connected bandwidth is aggregated into our own AS (Autonomous System) which then uses route optimization to select the most appropriate connection path.


  • Zajil manages multiple gigabit Internet Service Providers and publicly peer at Internet exchanges to provide effective national and international connectivity for our customers.
  • Zajil advertises Provider Independent public IP addresses for our customers.
  • Zajil advertises and allocates our own addresses space in line with the contracted resource and in accordance with RIPE’s (Reseaux IP Europeans) policies.
  • Primary and Secondary DNS entries for 2 domains.
  • Two Ethernet connections with 2 separate paths into the Internet Infrastructure.
  • IP Address Registration with RIPE.
  • Registered ASN peering for customers who require BGP peering.
  • 99.99% Internet Access SLA.
  • Monitoring and reporting of the Internet Infrastructure.


  • Adapt for seasonal fluctuations of traffic with bursting – as specified in the contract with the industry standard 95th percentile calculation.
  • Reduced capital outlay from leveraging Zajil’s investment in highly available infrastructure purchased as a monthly subscription service.
  • Retain skills and resource for key business competencies as Zajil is managing this service for many thousands of customers, and consequently have all the skills necessary to support this environment, essential for customers of all sizes and across industries.