May 5, 2022

What is IAAS and Benefits of IAAS in Business

What is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) is a cloud computing service that provides your enterprise with virtual servers. It can also provide cloud storage services for the same. IAAS eliminates the need to incorporate on-premises servers and storage options. Thus, it saves the costs of maintenance and security for your business.

The servers provided by IAAS are distributed all over the country in different locations and you can remotely access them from anywhere. The advantage here is that the subscriber can provide access to servers that are geographically close to the end-user. IAAS also has automated scalability i.e. it can upscale or downscale provided the demand of the applications. IAAS also comes with a guaranteed service-level agreement (SLA) in respect of uptime & performance.

How does IaaS Work?

How IaaS Work

As a subscriber of IAAS, you can access its facilities through a wide area network (WAN) – like the Internet. You can also install other requisites using the provider’s cloud services. For instance, once you are subscribed to the IAAS you can log in to the platform and create virtual machines (VMs), install operating systems in the VMs, create storage folders for workloads and backups, or implement databases.

Subscribers can also monitor performance, troubleshoot application errors, track costs, manage disaster recovery, and balance network traffic using the provider’s services. So, the provider is a crucial factor in any cloud computing system. The provider is the third-party enterprise that rents the IAAS and other cloud services to your organization. However, it is also possible for a business to be its own cloud service provider by implementing a private cloud computing system.

What are the benefits of IaaS in Business?

benefits of IaaS in Business

There are numerous benefits of IAAS in a business, here’s a glimpse at its most prominent advantages –

1. Recovery/ Disaster management

The cloud service enables access to applications and backup data during a disaster via the server located in different geographical sites.

2. More scalability

You can scale up or down network resources according to your application demand on all levels of cloud computing to ensure optimum performance and delivery.

3. Enables core focus

IAAS enables a business to concentrate more on core business activities instead of the infrastructure and maintenance of computing resources.

4. Improved security

The IAAS service provider invests significantly into IT security so that the data managed by them is safe. The physical locations of the providers have strict access and multiple levels of authentication.


Different Applications of IAAS

IAAS has a lot of uses in a business. Here‘s a look at many such applications –

  • Provides a platform for developing and testing applications. The service can be upscaled or downscaled according to your requirements.
  • Provides data backup, storage & recovery. IAAS delivers a quick and hassle-free means where the enterprise is not required to worry about management or compliance.
  • With IAAS you can also host customer-facing web pages. It is more cost-effective compared to its contemporaries.
  • It is more convenient to host web applications using IAAS. it will provide all the necessary resources like servers and storage where the cloud infrastructure can be scaled up or down according to need.
  • IAAS also accommodates High-performance computing (HPC) for demanding workloads such as financial modeling, product designing, or complicated calculations.
  • Lastly, IAAS provides data warehousing. It can deliver the required processing capacity to analyze big data assets.

Customers are required to consider the reliability and costs before finalizing an IAAS provider. Zajil is a prominent IAAS provider in the Kuwait and MENA region. Highly scalable and secure, we provide cost-effective cloud networking solutions for enterprises. Visit our website to know more about our services

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