Keep Your Networks Safe

Data is more critical for an organization. Network security protects data, devices, applications and systems integrated or connected to the network.

In simple words, network security acts like a wall that protects the IT infrastructure of a company from any external threats like hacking and security attacks. It keeps your system safeguarded from ransomware/ malware attacks, unwanted network intrusions, and DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) attacks, thereby creating a secured platform to perform daily functions in the IT environment.

Why your business need a network security provider

Network security protects systems and data applications from any type of real-time threat. It creates a wall against different methods used by attackers and hackers to breach the network by recognizing the threats and preventing them.

Acts as a protective shield against threats

It constantly keeps a tab on any kind of unauthorized access. Data is a valuable part of a business, and a network is a hub for confidential data such as personal client information. Network security helps in protecting any sensitive data from getting hampered.

Is centrally controlled

A network administrator controls network security for software compared to desktop security software. The former prevents hackers from damaging any shield laid as they are installed in a machine without using the internet that is prone to virus attacks.

Prevents cyber attacks

Most network attacks happen through the internet in the form of viruses and worms. Strong network security prevents any uncalled attacks from hackers, thereby preventing them from manipulating the data available in the network.

It prevents exposure to advanced ransomware/ malware

Network security services boost control over application and user behavior, thereby warding off potential threats from malware/ ransomware.

Network Security Services in Kuwait

Fortigate Network Firewall

Fortigate Network Firewall security by Zajil is one of Kuwait's top network security services. It enables automated protection by simplifying the complexity and providing visibility into users, networks and applications. It thereby helps detect different levels of threats, intrusions, hacking or bugs by inspecting SSL and providing complete threat protection. FortiGates form the core of Fortinet Security Fabric and thus defend against known and unknown attacks.

Features of FortiGate Network Firewall

    • It provides ultra-fast and high-performance security
    • Its high-speed SSL inspection engine protects the system against malware and detects them even if it is hiding in the encrypted traffic.
    • Helps in carrying out end-to-end SSL inspection
    • Comprises of exquisite controls combined with FortiGuard services and FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence
    • Multi-layered security protection makes your system secure from any advanced threats.
    • The multi-layered threat protection also prevents single-point network vulnerabilities.
    • FortiGate does not require third-party validation. It is known for its efficacy and performance.
    • Its single pane of glass management simplifies deployment and allows consistency in security policies using granular control and visibility throughout the network.
    • It comprises innovative security processor (SPU) technology that enables high-performance application layer security services such as SSL inspection, NGFW, and protection from uncalled network attacks.

Palo Alto Network Firewall 

Zajil provides Palo Alto Network Firewall PA-5000 series network security services in Kuwait. It comprises PA-5050, PA-5060 and PA-5020, aiming to deliver high-performance data center and internet gateway deployments.

The network firewall security is designed to protect data centers and internet gateways and shield data of large enterprises and service provider environments with high traffic demands for firewall and threat prevention. The Palo Alto Firewall protects traffic flows up to 20 Gbps using 40 processors divided into four functional areas, including security, networking, content inspection and management.

Features of Palo Alto Network Firewall

    • Palo Alto network firewall security identifies the application across all ports irrespective of the encryption, whether it is SSL or SSH.
    • It employs the application and not the port for enabling policy decisions such as scheduling, denying, allowing and inspecting the traffic flow.
    • It helps categorize unidentified applications for policy control to carry out threat forensics and App-ID development.
    • It consistently deploys policies to remote and local users using different operating systems such as Mac, Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Apple
    • Allows agentless integration with Microsoft Active Directory and terminal services in addition to Novell eDirectory, LDAP, and Citrix
    • Proficiently blocks any unidentified threats such as malware and spyware across the ports irrespective of threat evasion tactics used by hackers
    • It easily integrates firewall policies with proxies, 802.1X, NAC solutions and other user information
    • Limits unauthorized transfer of data, files
    • Enables security for performing non-work-related web browsing
    • Deftly identifies unknown malware and creates a protective layer
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