Zajil International Telecom is one of the primary managed FCN Services providers in the MENA region for the Thomson Reuters Delivery Direct Platform and has been designated by Thomson Reuters as an approved global solution provider for fulfilling and managing connectivity for the Thomson Reuters Financial Community Network (FCN).

Thomson Reuters Financial Community Network

Thomson Reuters is a leading source of intelligent information for the world’s businesses and professionals, providing customers with a competitive advantage.The Financial Community Network is a Thomson Reuters application delivery program enabling customers to access strategic Thomson Reuters’ products and services. The Financial Community Network connectivity solution is targeted at market participants that consume Thomson Reuters Products and Services over a Thomson Reuters approved financial extranet service such as Zajil International Telecom. Zajil’s FCN Extranet solution supports the Thomson Reuters’ FCN application delivery program providing an industry leading global, private, and secure cloud based MPLS ecosystem and marketplace trusted by the Capital Markets. Market participants around the globe can now partner directly with Zajil International Telecom through the FCN program to access strategic Thomson Reuters products and services.

FCN Service Description

Zajil’s FCN service is a cost-effective solution that combines various WAN technologies for rapid delivery beyond the boundaries. Architected, deployed and operated specifically for the Financial Markets. Zajil FCN services are designed as resilient platforms operated specifically to meet the requirements of Financial Markets participants. Attributes include a readily exploitable community of several thousand already connected customers, via a global network. The world’s largest secure networked financial community. Zajil FCN platform is a reliable and proven capability for many thousands of financial customers globally, including financial service providers and several thousand market participants. These include brokers, exchanges, banks, market data providers, analytics, and clearing firms.

Zajil’s FCN service is an IP-Based service that combines MPLS and encrypted Internet services to deliver Thomson Reuters services. The services comprises of the Internet or Leased Line as the last mile, which is terminated at Zajil’s Extranet MPLS PoP. The last mile circuits are secured using industry standard IPsec encryption. Encryption helps prevent other from reading the transmitted information, retain data integrity and ensure highest level of security during data transmission.

Thomson Reuters FCN Services

Zajil FCN Service

Performance – Seamless integration of applications with our core infrastructure from multiple types of connections, broadband, wireless or Wi-Fi.
Agile – With our integrated agile network platform, Thomson Reuters can quickly add or change applications as your business needs dictate. Control – Visibility and control with web based tools. User authentication and encrypted transport of data from users in the office or working remotely.
Security Services – Built in robust security measures at every network layer to minimize the risk of outages and intrusions.
Significant cost savings and performance increases can be achieved through offloading specific data traffic to less expensive IPSec Internet links. In addition, hybrid networks give companies additional possibilities for implementing their security policies consistently. They can ensure that users are subject to the same policies and protective measures everywhere – whether they are using a cloud service or are accessing the network on the go, with a mobile device. Because IPSec creates a VPN connection through the Internet, it is a widely available and low-cost connectivity option. IPSec enables an extra level of protection through encryption and authentication and allows the customer to maintain its own IP addressing plan through tunnels between sites.

MPLS & IPsec Unification

  • Leveraging IPsec in a Hybrid MPLS Network
  • Cost Effective Network Deployment
  • High Performance & Secure Network
  • Industry Standards Compliant
Thomson Reuters FCN Services