Hybrid VPN Service Provider

Primarily, a hybrid VPN allows you to separate traffic flow through a secure VPN server and the Internet directly. For instance, you can designate a route for all your emails through the VPN server and your live streaming applications connect directly to the internet. Zajil’s hybrid vpn service Kuwait showcases reliability, scalability, and cost-effective WAN Optimization solutions comply with the consolidation of MPLS and IPsec Network technologies. 

Also referred to as HVPN, it puts together various WAN technologies for quicker application delivery which are destined to distant locations. This is a cost-effective solution compared to any other standard data exchange network.

Zajil’s Hybrid VPN - Features and Benefits

Zajil remains the most prominent hybrid vpn in the MENA region. Its features include –

  • Unlimited area coverage for locations with no wired network
  • Through connectivity for places with excessive traffic
  • Cost optimization with business-grade services.

Here’s a glance at the benefits from a hybrid vpn provider –

Connectivity with Security:

Get encrypted connection between a remote user and the enterprise network. This protects against data phishing and reduces the risk of malware infection.

Avoid Data Throttling:

A VPN limits network visibility to outsiders as the data travels over the encrypted channels. This provides a layer of protection against throttling. 

Control Access:

Without proper authentication, one cannot access the resources on a VPN network. Thus your data is protected from any unauthorized access.

Network Scalability:

Enables an organization to easily link distributed networks together over the public Internet via encrypted channels. This enables the organization to easily scale it’s network while considering it as a single but private network.

Cost Reduction:

By enabling users to access resources securely on the corporate and cloud network infrastructures, HVPNs consolidate corporate assets, making them easier to monitor and manage.

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