DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service attack. It consists of multiple devices connected online, often called – a botnet. The botnet is basically used to distract the target website with dummy traffic.

A DDoS attack targets your website and servers making them unavailable for real-time users. These attacks are mostly used as a facade for cyber attacks taking down security systems. Usually, a DDoS attack affects a huge user base and has a significance which makes it a popular means of cyber attack used by hacking hacking groups or cyber criminals. 

DDoS attacks can last for several weeks making it very frustrating to recover, leading to loss of revenue and brand trust. This is why it is crucial to adopt a DDoS protection plan for your business.

Benefits of DDoS protection:

  1. Reduce downtime using efficient mitigation solutions. 

  2. Reduce cost to networking security without compromising quality.

  3. Secure websites and preserve application performance in case of an attack.

Enforce DDoS prevention with regular updates to form newer DDoS mitigation solutions.

Features of Zajil’s DDoS protection:

Zajil is one of the most prominent DDoS protection providers in Kuwait, equipped with the latest technologies. Here a glimpse of its DDoS protection services-

  • Zajil’s defense against high-volume DDoS attacks includes using a distributed hardware platform, the product provides industry-leading service processing capabilities and scalability. A single HiSecEngine AntiDDoS12000 delivers a 2.4 Tbit/s DDoS attack defense capability. It can respond to attacks within milliseconds, quickly blocking DDoS attacks.

  • Zajil’s A10 Thunder provides advanced and powerful security features to enhance network and application security and ensure predictable business operations. The Thunder Series provides unprecedented next generation DDoS protection, as well as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and many more premium features, all tightly integrated onto the ACOS foundation, and of course part of A10’s all-inclusive licensing model. 

It is not a complicated process to launch a DDoS attack anymore. Hacking as a service has molded into sophisticated and organized businesses where dedicated tools and botnets are available for hire. Thus, amateur business firms that are employed as third-party sellers to larger businesses need DDoS protection services immediately because the threat is unforeseen. In order to prevent such adversities make sure you check out the best DDoS Protection Services in Kuwait provided by Zajil.

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