An Application Delivery Controller can be defined as a device that is placed typically in a data center. It is a device between one or more application servers and the firewall.

It helps in enhancing system security, application delivery and user experience.  The application server area is known as DMZ. These can be broadly demonstrated as first-generation application delivery controllers to perform application acceleration and handle load balances between the servers.

A10 Thunder Application Delivery Controller

A10 Thunder Application Delivery Controller is known to smoothen business operations. It provides advanced security features that scale up the security of networks and applications. It comprises ADCs and security modules like Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection that enable businesses to perform their business operations smoothly.

Benefits of A10 Thunder ADC

A10 Thunder is built with ACOS (Advanced Core Operating System) and comprises software and hardware appliances that align with the requirement deployment needs.

Enhances system security
Provides a high-performance advanced load balancing solution that secures and accelerates the applications.
Upgraded application availability
Enables highly-effective and reliable application delivery across cloud and data centers.
Reduces network latency
It reduces network downtime and latency by providing a better customer experience.
Enhances application security
It increases application security using advanced SSL/ TLS offload, DDoS protection, single sign-on (SSO) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities.
Application visibility
Integrated with the Harmony Controller assists in providing deeper application visibility. In addition, its comprehensive controls help in delivering applications across public, hybrid, and private clouds along with on-premises data centers.

Features of A10 Application Delivery Control

  • It is multi-tenant software, high density and isolated with RBAC to customize policies and appliance consolidation
  • Provides full-proxy L4-7 load balancing allowing agile traffic control and customized health checks in addition to aFlex scripting
  • Accelerates application performance by improving user performance through caching and TCP optimization, enhancing content transfer and TLS/ SSL offloading for modern ECC ciphers.
  • Integrates with A10 Harmony Controller to enhance application visibility and better user experience
  • Provides Web and DNS protection to secure services and meet the compliance targets such as CAPTCHA, DNS firewalls, single sign-on, web and DDoS protection
  • The aXAPI® Rest Based Programmability allows native integration across multiple DevOps and automation management tools with 100% API coverage
  • The Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) extends load balancing enabling multi-cloud global businesses to provide speedy and localized server response
  • Allows monitoring events and analytics and sending alerts using Grafana and Prometheus
  • Integrated into CI/CD pipeline employing Terraform and Ansible automation tools
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